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Raymond Marx


Finance Tips for Seniors



Raymond Marx is a Fiduciary Financial Planner working in Asheville, North Carolina through his businesses, Raymond Marx Financial Inc. and Raymond Marx Financial Advisory Group Inc.

Raymond ‘Raimund’ Marx founded Raymond Marx Financial in 1992 in order to fulfill a need in the industry: Raymond wanted to provide his clients with personal and comprehensive financial planning expertise to help them get the most out of their lives. 

Throughout his career, Raymond has seen a developing need within the community — retirees need help financially planning for their futures. In an industry rampant with those looking to turn a profit, Raymond Marx wanted to use his dynamic sales skills to bring his clients peace of mind and assurance that – through proper planning – it’s possible to have a secure and enjoyable retirement. Across his career, Raymond Marx went from knowing virtually nothing about the industry to being the #1 agent in America for Midland Life. As a fiduciary, he always puts the client first, making decisions that are in their best interest first. 

Among the list of services provided through Raymond Marx Financial are investment and risk management, tax strategies, income planning (including those with insurance products), financial and retirement planning, and estate planning, to name a few. 

Under the Raymond Marx Financial umbrella are Raymond Marx Financial, Inc. and Raymond Marx Financial Advisory Group, Inc. to allow Raymond to expand his offerings. After founding Raymond Marx Financial in 1992 – offering equity and insurance products – he opened Raymond Marx Financial Advisory Group in 2009 to extend their offerings to include handling stock portfolios and equities, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. As a professional, Raymond enjoys the work that he does primarily for the opportunity it affords him to help others, especially those who need some guidance along their journey. He loves working with mom and pop places to help them navigate the complexities of retirement planning. 

Raymond Marx Financial operates in the Southeastern United States, doing business in Asheville, North Carolina; Sarasota and Tampa Bay, Florida; and Greenville, South Carolina. 

Outside of his career, Raymond loves to travel. He’s been to Sydney, Australia as well as numerous places across Europe, including Vienna, Austria; London; and the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

For more insight on Raymond Marx and his work in financial services, be sure to visit his blog page and check back often for the latest updates from Raymond!

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